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About us

The Körös Television has been founded in 2002. In these days it still has the same ownership structure however satisfies the viewer needs with an always improving and expanding repertoire. Our main philosophy is the coverage based on facts and the communication about the local culture, politics, economic- and every day life in 24 hours! Our existence and improvement theory require having a constantly updated face on the market which reflects of the high quality of our programs and service for the partners and viewers.

During the past years from a local television broadcasting in Szarvas, Csabacsűd and Békésszentandrás, we became the media of West Bekes, which increased the former sixteen thousand viewers to more than fifty thousand. Please join us in Szarvas, Gyomaendrőd, Kondoros, Csabacsűd, Kardos, Örménykút and Békésszentandrás, and from October 2009 in Orosháza, Csorvás and in Pusztaföldvár as well.

We think it is very important to highlight that our programs show only people and events, which give a positive, encouraging example and provide new knowledge to others.

Thank you for your attention, and for staying with us!

See you on the srceen!

Zoltan Sipos

Founder, Chief –Executive